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This group is all about Soda-Poms (closed species by HeartinaRosebud). They're cute little Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix-breed doggies based on soft drinks.
They fit on your palm (and teacups) and can travel anywhere in large bubbles. Since they're based off of soft drinks, Soda-Poms also represent any other beverages as well as edible food. Some of them take on the appearance of the world's fictional heroes and protagonists alike.
They primarily wear a signature collar, complete with a medal of any shape.

Soda-Poms can blow bubbles in a similar fashion to Bub and Bob. They also use large ones to enhance soda bottles/cans in order to trick people into drinking it and entering an imaginary yet hallucinogenic world called Cloud Cuckoo Land! You know, the world where everything is sweet as sugar and fluffy pink unicorns dance and play in peace.

Here's the original reference guide ->
And here's the current one ->

Soda-Poms can be obtained for only points!
Anybody (including owners of Soda-Poms and those who don't own any) can join for free!

Terms of Service:
:bulletpink: MYOs are available and cost 60 Points.
:bulletyellow: If you wish to sell yours, you can't for any reason sell for a higher price than what you bought it for.
:bulletgreen: If you want to have a custom Soda-Pom, let me know! Customs cost 30 points. each
:bulletblue: If you trade it away, you MUST let me know, so that I can keep track of whoever owns what.
:bulletpurple: Do not steal the Soda-Poms. They're copyright of mine! Whoever does so must be STOPPED!!

For more, visit our official site:
This is a work in progress!
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Feb 25, 2016


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9 Members
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Hi, everybody! It's been about six months since I'm on a hiatus. But this time, I'm back in business!!
My friends and I will start making MORE Soda-Pom adoptions, auctions and also giveaways!
Happy New Year, everybody; keep smiling!
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Q: What's a Soda-Pom?
A: A Soda-Pom is a tiny race of mix-breed dog based on soft drinks. It's a cross between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua, though it has a cartoonish chibi-like appearance.

Q: What's it based on?
A: Soda-Poms are based on not only soft drinks, but any other beverage and edible things, such as hot-dogs, chips, milk and other regular foods. Hero-themed Soda-Poms are rare, but can take appearance on any copyrighted protagonists and hero characters alike (i.e. Sonic the Hedgehog and Philip J Fry).

Q: How come some Sod-Poms have Philip J Fry and Sonic the Hedgehog's hairstyles?!
A: These traits are uncommon, but some hero-themed Soda-Poms could have these.

Q: Why do Soda-Poms blow bubbles? And what can they do?
A: Because they are created that way. Bubbles blown by Soda-Poms come in variety of colors, depending on their theme. Each bubble has a mysterious enhancement. Small things, such as jelly beans and gumballs, can be easily picked up by a Soda-Pom's bubbles that are in a normal size. Larger bubbles can be used to encase containers of soda to enhance it. They remain that way until they are popped. This can be able to send a drinker into hallucinogenic Cloud Cuckoo-Land.

Q: Can I make one?
A: Nope! Soda-Poms are HeartinaRosebud's closed species. You can purchase an MYO slot in my DeviantArt profile if you want to create one. MYOs cost 60 Points.

Q: How is it used?
A: Individual designs are bought by customers to use as non-commercial characters for artistic purposes. HeartinaRosebud retains full right to all designs as stated in the Terms of Service. The customer receives partial ownership.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Soda-Poms are worth only points. The number of them depends on a theme they have.
Regular themes - 50 :points:
Non-soda themes - 75 :points:
Family themes - one costs 25 :points: each
Hero themes - 100 :points:
Customs - 30 :points:
MYOs - 60 :points:

Q: Can I either sell or trade my Soda-Pom?
A: Nope! You'll never sell it any reason sell for a higher price than what you bought it for.
But if you DO want to trade it away, you MUST let me know, so that I can keep track of whoever owns what they deserve.

Q: What is a MYO?
A: Make Your Own slots allow you to create your own Soda-Pom. They are worth 60 points.

Q: Is a Soda-Pom based on an existing character or product?
A: Nope! Soda-Poms AREN'T based on a copyrighted protagonist/character. But they DO take their appearances.
They're based on an existing product (i.e. McDonalds, Cheetos, Coco Pops). It's encouraged that you choose a generic type of food and drink, though.

Q: Can I have a Soda-Pom with the same coloration as someone else?
A: Yes, every Soda-Pom is unique in design, so even if two or more of them have a similar coloration, they're all completely different form each other. In fact, hero-themed Soda-Poms have an exact replica of the popular hero character's distinguish feature (i.e. Miles "Tails" Prower's twin-tails, Mario's cap)

Oh, and by the way!
There are lots of Soda-Poms having unique looks, despite their similar coloration. They can occur to cheer up those how are bored or sad. Like protagonists, they're able to protect their owners (and friends) getting into trouble.
A few Soda-Poms are born with a same fur coloration as our mascot.

Here's Ginger:
Ginger by HeartinaRosebud
She's a first to exist when I created her. Despite her timidity, she has a heart of gold and is curious enough to travel anywhere with her friends. You may find her anywhere you want.
Also, her theme is a Non-Soda type, a chocolate chip cookie!

Gallery Folders

Chibi Mango Soda | ginia100's YCH Commission by Liannakai
Sonic-Themed Soda-Poms (1 left) by HeartinaRosebud
Creaming Soda Spider Soda-Pom by HeartinaRosebud
[YCH] Sir Wiggles-A-lot by MaryIand
Ginger by HeartinaRosebud
Ginger the Pom by HeartinaRosebud
Ginger Valentine by HeartinaRosebud
Ginger the Pomeranian by HeartinaRosebud
OPEN adopts and auctions
New Year's Eve Soda-Pom (OTA Open) by HeartinaRosebud
Eggplant Soda-Pom (Open) by HeartinaRosebud
Veggie-Based Soda-Pom Adoption (1 Open) by HeartinaRosebud
Slurm Soda-Pom (Open) by HeartinaRosebud
CLOSED adopts and auctions
Coca-Cola Soda-Pom Batch (Closed) by HeartinaRosebud
Chocolate Soda-Pom (Closed) by HeartinaRosebud
Orange Soda-Pom (Closed) by HeartinaRosebud
Creaming Soda-Pom (Closed) by HeartinaRosebud
Golden Flower Tea Soda-Pom by HeartinaRosebud
Arizona Ice Tea Soda-Pom (Custom) by HeartinaRosebud
Christmas Soda-Pom by HeartinaRosebud
Soda-Pair!! by HeartinaRosebud
Heartina's Artwork
[Soda-Pom] Ginia100 Mango Soda -Commission- by Sandy-Claw
Imaginary Tour by HeartinaRosebud
Merry Christmas, Dog Lovers by HeartinaRosebud


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